Ban Siu Haai
2000 / 102m - Hong Kong
Crying Heart poster


April 06, 2012


Jing Wong is a versatile man, but there's one thing he can't do: drama. He's stayed away from drama films for most of his career, Crying Heart is the only film to my knowledge where he couldn't resist the temptation. I respect him for trying, but this turned out to be a downright disaster and quite possibly the worst film he ever made.

Fat doesn't have too many friends and has to raise her only son by herself. Bee is a mentally challenged boy, and Fat worries about what will happen to him after she dies. Luckily, she gets a little help from a friendly neighbor, who doesn't mind keeping an eye on Bee when Fat isn't around.

Patrick Tam's performance is atrocious. It's as if nobody told him Wong was making a drama for a change. The plot is extremely melodramatic, the characters feel empty, the direction is tepid and drama just keeps piling up. Crying Heart is everything a good drama shouldn't be. Unless you want to quench your morbid curiosity, this film has absolutely nothing to offer.