Yu Long Gong Wu
1991 / 108m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Dances with the Dragon poster


January 18, 2014


Jing Wong may not receive too much respect for his career among cinephiles and critics alike, the list of actors he worked with is unmatched in Hong Kong. In Dances with the Dragon he casts Andy Lau in a simple but amusing romcom. Not the most unusual choice, but a damn smart (and profitable) one.

Together with Man-Tat Ng, Lau keeps this film light and breezy, Man Cheung is pleasant as Lau's romantic interest. The plot is pretty basic, offering a little twist on the typical "prince swoops a poor girl off of her feet" premise (i.e. Lau has quite a bit of trouble sweeping here). It's nothing great or remarkable, but serviceable for this type of film.

The comedy is decent, the pacing feels swift and even though the direction appears a little shabby, the plot is entertaining enough to keep the film on the rails. It's all very predictable and over-the-top, but if you're looking for decent, mindless Hong Kong filler, then Wong and Lau have you covered.