2019 / 97m - UK
The Dare poster


July 18, 2022


The Dare is a film that rehashes some of the more popular horror clich├ęs of the 00s. It does so with conviction, but somehow fails to be truly engaging. Don't get me wrong, it's more than solid horror filler/fodder and fans won't be disappointed by all it has to offer, it just fails to stand out.

When Jay finally enjoys an evening with his family, an intruder breaks into his home and kidnaps him. Jay wakes up in a room with three others. They're being held captive by a stranger wearing a mask, who doesn't mind torturing them when they misbehave. Together, the four will have to figure out why they were captured.

There's plenty of gore, there's an enigmatic killer and there's the mystery of why four seemingly random people are locked up. The rundown setting adds to the atmosphere and the performances are passable. But it's nothing you haven't seen done better before. Good horror filler.