2022 / 85m - Canada
Dark Nature poster


May 29, 2023


Simple, but that doesn't need to be bad when it comes to pure genre fare. There's something that doesn't quite work here though. While it's difficult to say where exactly the film misses the mark, it just fails to be tense or scary, which is ultimately what a film like this is all about.

Four traumatized women are going on a weekend retreat to overcome their fears and get their mental health back into shape. Their hike is going well until one of them disappears. The others feel like someone or something has been following them, but their guide reassures them that it's all just part of the healing process.

The performances aren't too bad, the cinematography is solid and the setting is nice and desolate, but it's still not enough. The characters are somewhat annoying and the creature looks bland and uninspired. I just didn't care much for their fate and as the film takes no real risks or chances, it's all just very middle-of-the-road.