2015 / 78m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Darling poster


June 13, 2022


A stylish horror flick. The stark styling, slow pacing and lack of clear narrative may be a bit challenging, certainly when you're not expecting a more arthouse-like approach to the genre. Keating isn't playing around though, he had a pretty clear game plan and his execution is top-notch.

Darling, a young girl, is hired to take care of an old house while the owner is away on vacation. Before the owner leaves, she discloses that the previous caretaker killed herself by jumping off a balcony. When Darling finds a neckless in her room and puts it on, strange visions begin to plague her.

The stark black and white cinematography works very well, the editing is snappy and bold, the soundtrack moody and unsettling. The performances are a bit wonkier and I wouldn't have minded had the horror elements been just that little more outspoken (though there is some gruesome onscreen stuff here), other than that a very cool horror flick.