Sut Ging Mo Sun
2004 / 87m - Hong Kong
Horror, Thriller
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August 28, 2012


A throwaway horror project. I'm not sure who exactly this film was intended for. I can't imagine it did well in Hong Kong, it's not really the kind of horror the international scene was craving at the time either. It's just another one of Yau's attempts to get better at a specific niche, it seems. In that sense it's decent enough, but only for his biggest supporters.

Seven friends get together for a little vacation. They've rented a house on a remote little island, but they soon realize that something else brought them there. When they start dying one by one, the survivors try to get away from the island as quickly as possible. That's not an easy thing to do when the killer hides amongst your best friends.

Like most of Yau's poorer films, the core problem is budget. Though it's obvious he made an actual effort here, the bland special effects, the lack of gore/tension and the subpar performances all stand in the way of enjoying this pretty generic horror affair. Not the worst of its kind, but far from great.