El Día de la Bestia
1995 / 103m - Spain
Comedy, Horror
The Day of the Beast poster


February 24, 2022


The film that kicked off Iglesias' career. I didn't find out about his work until much later, and so I never really took the time to explore his older films. Though The Day of the Beast was a decent enough watch and carries many of his marks, I don't think it really compares to his better work.

A priest is certain he cracked the code of the Apocalypse. The birth of the antichrist is near, and the priest vows to do everything in his power to invoke the devil. Together with a death metal fan and a TV priest he sets out to stop the birth of the antichrist and save the world from annihilation.

Iglesias' direction is promising, but the execution is a little frumpy. The comedy isn't quite as funny as it should've been, and the performances are mediocre. The visual effects aren't great either, but the characters are pretty weird and there are some memorable scenes. Not a bad film, it just pales compared to his later films.