La Nuit Américaine
1973 / 116m - France
Drama, Comedy
Day for Night poster


May 09, 2021


François Truffaut, the French film critic turned director, makes a film about making a film and casts himself as the director character. If you love this kind of self-referential navel-gazing, then Day for Night is definitely a film for you. Personally I rarely see the fun in artists turning their craft into the main topic of their work.

Ferrand is a director who is getting ready to turn his latest film: Meet Pamela. Like always, the production has its ups and down, with producers bugging the directors, actors putting themselves in front of the film and complex love triangles forming between cast members. Ferrand wonders if he'll ever be able to finish the film.

Day for Night is a pretty typcial film about film. It's quite hectic, there's some slight comedy that's never too ironic or sarcastic and in the end the audience is always supposed to marvel at the fact that directors can actually deliver a finished product. At almost two hours long, this didn't do much for me. Way too self-indulgent.