2020 / 127m - Taiwan
Days poster


January 29, 2022


An intentionally unsubtitled film. It sounds like quite an experience, certainly as it's a Taiwanese film, until you realize there is hardly any dialogue. People who have been following Tsai should know what to expect by now. Slow cinema in its purest form, observing people who are walking, sitting and going about their daily business.

There's no real plot to speak of. We follow Kang-sheng Lee as he spends his days alone in a nice villa, a place that doesn't help cure his loneliness. Non lives in a small flat, and loves to cook traditional food. The two meet, spend a little time together and then part ways again.

Fans of slow cinema are no doubt going to love this, personally I don't think the cinematography is strong enough (though it is quite pleasant) to carry a film with no actual plot or dialogues. It's just endless scenes of Lee and Houngheuangsy doing very little at all, and that for two hours straight.