2019 / 86m - UK
Days of the Bagnold Summer poster


April 28, 2022


A cute little comedy from Simon Bird, the lead of The Inbetweeners. The comedy is somewhat recognizable, though not quite as teen/sex-focused and not always as explicitly funny either. It's not a full-on dramedy though, Bird keeps it light and amusing enough to avoid that trap.

Daniel is an introvert teen who listens to heavy metal, his mother is a librarian who has mostly given up on her social life. Daniel is set to visit his dad in Florida for the summer vacation, but when his trip is cancelled he's stuck with his mom in this boring little village. The next six weeks are going to be grueling.

The comedy is pleasantly dry, the performances are strong, and there's a nice balance between drama and comedy without ever losing sight of the film's main genre. Also, the heavy metal actually sounds heavy for a change. The plot is meandering, and the film is a bit on the short side (not a critique I often use), but overall this was a very neat little surprise.