2020 / 90m - New Zealand
Comedy, Crime
Dead poster


May 15, 2023


A cute little comedy that tacks on a bunch of other genres to make things a bit more interesting. Horror, fantasy, and crime elements were added, but in the end, everything is played for laughs. There was a touch too much drama for my taste though, which messed with the pacing of the film.

Marbles isn't doing much with his life, his only claim to fame is that he came up with a cocktail of drugs that allows him to see ghosts. One day he is visited by a police officer who was just murdered. He wants Marbles to help him catch the culprit. It's a dangerous mission, but Marbles could use the money that's on offer.

The dry comedy (pretty typical for New Zealand) is fun and the mix of genres is interesting, but the film never pushes things beyond the expected, and there is a little excess drama that doesn't really fit with the rest of the film. It's pleasant filler that doesn't outstay its welcome, but it could've been a bit more daring to really stand out from the rest.