2019 / 104m - USA
Comedy, Horror
The Dead Don't Die poster


April 05, 2023


Jim Jarmusch delivers a surprisingly literal horror comedy. I'm used to him digging around in different genres, but never really delivering on the genre elements. That's a little different here. Jarmusch kept his cast and dry signature, but there's no mistake that The Dead Don't Die is a core zombie comedy.

Polar fracking is causing some serious mayhem. The Earth has shifted on its axis and things are seriously off. Watches stop working, pets disappear, the sun sets at a different time, and the dead rise from their graves. The little town of Centerville is trying to cope with this new reality.

The cast feels familiar for a Jarmusch film and the dry, understated comedy is right in his wheelhouse. The horror bits are less accomplished and I genuinely hope the societal critique was part of the joke (which it very well could be - Romero was known to dabble). A pretty decent film, with a couple of good chuckles, but only half a success if you ask me.