Jitsuroku Andô Noboru Kyôdô-den: Rekka
2002 / 96m - Japan
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Deadly Outlaw: Rekka poster


September 26, 2004


Miike can do serious crime cinema pretty well, but a small problem arises when he tries to combine it with his wackier stuff. Between all the crazy and madness, these serious moments quickly start to feel out of place, as if they're holding the film back. This is exactly what happened with Dead Outlaw: Rekka.

Kunisada is spending time some in prison after helping out the Sanada family. His successor in the Sanada clan is brutally murdered, seemingly by the rivaling Otaki gang, yet Kunisada finds out it's all part of a ploy to get him out of the picture. When he gets released from prison, it's time for Kunisada to take revenge on his former gang.

Riki Takeuchi is born for parts like these. He's rough, violent and energetic, a vibe that Miike enhances by giving him some cool, funny and batshit crazy moments. These are the standout moments, what comes in between is far less exciting. A bit too much of the usual gang drama messes with the pacing of the film, but there are still plenty of memorable moments left. Solid Miike.