Shei Xian Ai Shang Ta De
2018 / 100m - Taiwan
Dear Ex poster


August 20, 2020


A decent drama, though a bit too by the numbers. I don't necessarily mind gay-themed dramas and I'm also aware some countries are still struggling more than others with sexual preference, but the films tackling this particular subject always end up being very similar to each other.

The main selling point of Dear Ex is the cinematography, which is definitely a step up from its peers. The beautiful colors and strong camera work really stand out, then again this is a Taiwanese film, so I'm not that surprised. The soundtrack is pretty nice too, though not quite as distinguished.

The story revolves around the clash between a man's ex-wife and his gay lover. When the man dies his inheritance goes to his lover, not his son, which angers his ex-wife. Through a series of flashbacks, the entire backstory is revealed, though sadly it's all quite predictable and the dramatic impact isn't as big as I'd hoped. It's not a bad film, just a little too familiar.