Käre John
1964 / 115m - Sweden
Drama, Romance
Dear John poster


March 18, 2022


A rather tepid romance that hides behind an arthouse facade, but can't really disguise its somewhat mushy (and cheesy) interior. The result is a very slow film with bland characters, that royally outstays its welcome, while relying on slightly above average cinematography to keep it from becoming a complete waste of time.

John is a captain on a small transportation boat. He has a thing for Anita, and the feelings are mutual. Flashback elaborate on their history together, but the film takes its merry time to explore the slow evolution of their relationship, as they grow closer and fonder of each other.

The drama is very light and uneventful (though not necessarily in a bad way), while the slick black and white cinematography lends the film a little extra class. But the romance angle is poorly realized, and the performances are cold and unpleasant. The result is a clumsy romance I never really cared for.