2007 / 90m - UK
Death at a Funeral poster


August 02, 2022


Quirky British comedy with a dry and darker edge to it. It's not all that edgy or extreme, but the film builds up towards a pretty grotesque finale and there's plenty to smirk about on the way there. It's a fun little diversion from Frank Oz, that probably didn't need an American remake.

Daniel is hosting the funeral of his father, but he isn't really prepared for the chaos that is about to ensue. His brother is visiting from the US, some of the guests are doped up, his wife is badgering him for an apartment and a strange man is eyeing him from the corner. He shares a secret with Daniel's father that Daniel doesn't want the rest of the family to find out.

The film remains quite muted and prim, even when the situation really gets out of hand. It's that particular contrast that adds a little spice and pepper to the comedy. The cast is great, the pacing solid, and the finale pleasantly chaotic. Not the greatest comedy I've ever seen, but a pretty delightful film regardless.