2022 / 127m - UK
Death on the Nile poster


February 11, 2022


A logical sequel. Branagh's Orient Express did wonderfully well, and there's plenty of Poirot material left to turn into films, so why not have another go at it. This second film is pretty much on par with the first. It's a jolly whodunit with some welcome winks, but it's not a film that pushes any boundaries.

Poirot finds himself in Egypt, where he bumps into his old friend Bouc. Bouc invites Poirot along to a wedding, an invitation he gladly accepts. He joins the couple on their honeymoon, which takes a sudden detour when an ex of the husband starts following him and his new wife everywhere they go.

It takes a while before the first body is found and the actual whodunit starts, but the first hour is probably the best of the film. A slick, cheeky and juicy pastiche. The core whodunit part is basic and predictable, a series of revelations, everything neatly wrapped up at the end. It's decent enough fodder, never excellent, but entertaining nonetheless.