Kyoufu Ressha
2004 / 54m - Japan
Death Train poster


January 10, 2022


Back in the early 00s, Japanese horror cinema was thriving. So much in fact that it struggled to meet demand. One thankful source of horror stories were the horror mangas, it was no surprise at all to see several anthology projects spring up, honoring some of the more infamous writers. Death Train is part of the Hideshi Hino series, one of the obscure outings.

Three girls are on their way to an amusement park. They board a train, even though none of the girls seem very excited to go. What was supposed to be a leisurely trip turns out to be a real disaster, as the train is involved in a big accident. Most people on the train end up dead, the girls seem to have come out unscathed. But once they try to resume their normal lives, it turns out something is off.

Death Train is pretty much par for the course. It's short, cheaply made, and generally chews off more than it can handle. Then again, it is nice to see a director commit to some pretty outlandish concepts, even when he doesn't really have the budget to do so. A pretty amusing horror film for fans of the genre, if you can live with its shortcomings, that is.