1982 / 89m - USA
Action, Crime
Death Wish II poster


November 04, 2023


A very basic sequel. Bronson moves cities, tries to get his life back on the rails, and then the whole thing starts anew. Bronson is a pathetic action hero and the production quality is pretty horrible, but at least the film moves through the genre clich├ęs quite rapidly, making it somewhat amusing to watch.

Paul's daughter is still in therapy after what happened to her in New York, but when some lowly muggers nick Paul's wallet and decide to visit his home address, she gets kidnapped once again. While trying to flee she accidentally kills herself, so Paul has no choice but to retreat into vigilante mode a second time.

Bronson is an old man, who lacks the agility, posture, and even charisma to make his part work. The rest of the cast is on the same level, the presentation is bland and the plot is generic. At least the setup is efficient, and the revenge feels warranted, so that part of the film kinda works. Slim pickings though.