1999 / 105m - USA
Thriller, Sci-fi
Deep Blue Sea poster


December 31, 2022


A silly premise that results in a few decent thriller/action moments. Don't try to make too much sense out of the plot, while the film makes some statements about science and genetic manipulation, I don't think there's a serious message here. Everything is geared at having a handful of smart, killer sharks hunt a group of weary humans.

A group of scientists is trying to find a cure for Alzheimer's. They're on the right path, having found a promising substance inside the brains of sharks, but time (i.e. funding) is running out, so they have to take a couple of unethical choices to complete their research. Of course, this is not going to end well.

A group of people is trapped inside a flooding structure, while intelligent sharks are hunting them down. The actors are all B-grade, the plot is pretty dumb and the film is as predictable as can be, but there are some tense scenes scattered throughout. Not the worst of its kind, but hardly worthy of a recommendation.