2018 / 96m - USA
Delirium poster


April 26, 2023


A simple but decent enough horror film. The mindfuck premise is extremely simple, the addition of the brother is a bit bothersome and by far the weakest part of the film, but other than that it was a properly executed genre exercise, with some solid twists and decent thrills.

After spending 20 years in a mental institute, Tom is allowed to leave, albeit under supervision. He has inherited the estate of his father, but he feels very much alone in the huge mansion. A few days in, his brother suddenly appears on his doorstep. Tom fears his mind might be slipping again.

Grace is pretty decent, the build-up adds plenty of tension and the reveals are on point, though not exactly unpredictable. There's nothing terribly original here and the scenes with the brother do hold up the film (a rewrite without this character would've been pretty easy), but it's good fun if you like this type of thing.