Wang Xiang Zheng
2016 / 90m - China
Delusion poster


July 06, 2020


One of Danny Pang's more recent efforts. While both brothers are still quite active, their films are having a much harder time reaching the West nowadays. It's a shame, because they are a talented duo and I do like most of their films. On the other hand, if you look at a film like Delusion, it's not very surprising that international interest has faded.

Not that it's a bad film, but it feels like a film that should've been made a decade earlier. And even then, Danny Pang's films used to be better than Delusion. What you get is three short ghost stories, marginally connected to each other, with (by now) very predictable scares and plot twists.

Performances are a bit doubty too, but nothing too off-putting. The film looks nice, Danny is a good editor and the fact that you get three films for the price of one helps with the pacing, it's just a shame that I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd all seen it before, from the same director, only better. Delusion is good filler, but a little disappointing nonetheless.