2022 / 99m - China
Fantasy, Action
Demon Sealer Bureau poster


February 01, 2022


A film with slightly bigger ambitions. Sadly, the budget wasn't entirely there to bring them to life, but director Suiqiang Huo charged ahead regardless. The result is an amusing little genre mix that sports some cool designs and shows potential from start to finish, but never quite hits the mark full on.

The Demon Division investigates a case that has to do with the sacred tree that sealed away the Immortal Master. Their mission fails and the only way to stop the Immortal Master is by learning a special spell recorded in the Luban Scrolls, which will call a giant beast to defend the country.

Steampunk martial arts fantasy (like Tai Chi Hero/Zero), but done in a more contemporary streaming/filler way. The more traditional elements are perfectly fine, but there's so much CG here that some of it was bound to end up subpar. Still, the fast pacing, inventive designs and nifty action scenes are really worth a watch. Just don't expect a blockbuster-like polish.