Canada [2021] - 104m
Horror, Sci-fi
Directed by
Neill Blomkamp
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Demonic poster


September 18, 2021


Blomkamp does horror with a dash of sci-fi. Demonic was shot during COVID, which explains the smaller scale of the film, but that didn't hold Blomkamp back to do some film tech experiments on the side, playing with around "volumetric capture". Not that it has a big impact on the film itself, but it looks like improved versions of the tech are sure to have an impact on cinema's future.

Carly hasn't been in touch with her mom for nearly two decades, until an old friend contacts her and tells Carly he found her mom in a medical facility. The doctors didn't want to disclose what happened to him, but they're eager to talk to Carly. She drives over the next day, hoping to come clean with her past.

The digital scenes look nice enough, but aren't that special. The mix of horror and sci-fi feels a little forced and the horror bits aren't nearly as scary as Blomkamp hoped they'd be. But it's nice to see a familiar concept like demonic possession get a novel twist, even when the execution isn't quite there. A decent horror flick, but you'd expect Blomkamp to do better.