Ri Jie
1983 / 84m - Hong Kong
Action, Fantasy
Descendant of the Sun poster


December 06, 2021


As the Shaw Bros' prime representative of action/fantasy cinema, Yuen Chor had a reputation to uphold when he directed Descendant of the Sun, especially with newcomers like Hark Tsui releasing films like Zu Mountains. That may explain why all subtlety went out of the window for this one, and kitsch could finally reign supreme.

The titular descendant is some kind of superman that borrows from Eastern and Western folklore/pop culture. It's as if Superman, Christianity, Batman and Star Wars got a Shaw Bros makeover. The plot is negligible, a story of ultimate good fighting evil while trying to protect a princess. Safe to say, there are better reasons to watch this film.

Don't go in expecting great production value, this is a film that embraces cheese to the fullest and won't let its limited budget get in the way of creating something zany and over the top. The pacing is stark, the action scenes are bold, and the tone is pleasantly goofy. Great, transcendent cinema this is not, but it is extremely fun and entertaining.