1939 / 95m - USA
Comedy, Western
Destry Rides Again poster


October 14, 2021


Destry Rides Again is first and foremost a romantic comedy, shoehorned into a western setting. The nice thing is that it lacks the usual western machismo I dislike so dearly, turns out that isn't quite enough to make a film like this enjoyable. It's slightly better than most westerns I've seen, but not much.

The saloon in Bottle Neck, run by a feisty woman called Frenchy, is the place to be. A high-stake poker game marks the start of major trouble, with the town's sheriff ending up dead not much later. Deputy Destry is called in to solve the murder. Without a gun and only his wit, he has his work cut out for him.

Marlene Dietrich has no problem playing a sassy lady, James Stewart on the other hand is his usual stiff self. They don't really work well as a couple, which is pretty crucial for a romcom. There are some pretty pictures and the pacing isn't too awful, but man do I dislike watching Stewart. He ruins the entire film.