Tang Ren Jie Tan An 3
2021 / 136m - China
Comedy, Mystery
Detective Chinatown 3 poster


May 15, 2021


With the West not really warming up to the Chinese blockbusters, it seems they're now targeting the other Asian markets around them. One of China's biggest blockbuster hits crosses over to Japan, hoping to find additional sources of income besides the local market. At least they were smart enough to hire plenty of local talent.

Tang Ren and Qin Feng are invited to visit Tokyo in order to crack a brand-new case. They're not the only ones who are looking for the culprit though, other prominent Asian detectives are also joining the hunt. Meanwhile, the police aren't too happy with all these detectives trying to solve the case before them.

An impressive cast, ambitious action scenes, a fun mystery and deep pockets make this an enjoyable blockbuster. The Chinese sense of humor won't be for everybody and the film's a bit too long, with a little too much time spent on explaining everything to the smallest detail, but other than that this was some decent entertainment.