Tantei Monogatari
2007 / 99m - Japan
Comedy, Crime, Drama
Detective Story poster


August 26, 2009


It's no secret that Miike's work can be a little inconsistent. Detective Story isn't a bad film, but it does feel like a filler project, something to do in between bigger films. In that sense, there's certainly some fun to be had with this one, just don't expect a landmark Miike classic, unless you want to set yourself up for disappointment.

When Raita moves into his new apartment, he finds himself living next to a private detective with the same name. Not long after, one of the detective's clients is found dead, missing a kidney. The two start an investigation together, which leads to a peculiar painter, who is said to use human blood and organs for his paintings.

The film does have some odd scenes and characters, but mostly in contrast with the rather stark detective plot. It's enough to keep you on your toes, but that's about it really. The cinematography is murky, performances are forgettable, and the finale is nothing out of the ordinary. Solid Miike filler, but still oddball enough to deter unsuspecting audiences.