1995 / 102m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Devil in a Blue Dress poster


June 02, 2022


A revisit of the noir genre that doesn't add much, apart from some racial intrigue. For a 90s film it isn't particularly well-made either, it felt like a low-budget, low-effort, low-on-atmosphere TV film that only made the minimum effort to catch that 40s/noir mood many cinephiles love so much.

Easy is looking for work, but a job is hard to find. When he is approached to track a lady who likes to frequent jazz clubs in the black neighborhood, he jumps at the opportunity. What he doesn't know is that he's been suckered into a ploy that involves some high-ranking politicians.

Washington isn't bad, Cheadle is solid too, but the plot is a downright bore, the cinematography is dead poor and the pacing is sluggish. Big noir fans will probably find more to like here, but this is really just a retake is the basic genre fair that was released five decades prior. Not good.