2022 / 111m - Czech Republic
The Devil Conspiracy poster


March 05, 2023


Kitsch, for sure, but The Devil Conspiracy is a film that commits to its material, and that's worth something. There's no skimping on genre elements, no less is more excuses, nor a semi-finished plot to avoid some of the more complex scenes. That's not to say the film is without fault, far from it, but I appreciated the bold approach.

Scientists have found a way to resurrect people from the past. They are after the Shroud of Turin, hoping to revive the ultimate being. They get their hands on the shroud, but the archangel Michael descends to Earth to stop this evil plan. A fierce battle awaits to stop the revival of evil.

While committed, the styling is a little weak, the performances are flakey and none of it is as dark, grotesque, or impressive as it was supposed to be. It's a daring and bold attempt at a religious good vs bad genre flick, but its ambition and pretensions were clearly bigger than the crew's skill.