2006 / 109m - USA
Comedy, Romance
The Devil Wears Prada poster


May 30, 2021


Not quite as bad as I'd feared, though once the formula starts to settle the film loses a lot of its steam and shine. It's a bit surprising to see this is such a popular film, then again the fashion scene and the casting probably were a perfect match for the film's target audience. Beyond that's, it's all pretty standard.

Andrea is hoping to make it big as a serious journalist, but her job interviews don't work out and in the end all that's left for her is a secretary job for one of the biggest fashion magazines in the US. She becomes the assistant of Miranda Priestley, a stone-cold bitch who treats her as dirt, slowly Andrea starts to adjust to her new job.

It's a bit of an ugly duckling story with some girl power thrown in at the end. The performances are decent, and the first hour has some rather amusing scenes. The second half is too predictable though and with Frankel playing it safe from start to finish there's really not much here that makes a lasting impression.