Feng Lei Mo Jing
1972 / 90m - Hong Kong
Action, Fantasy
The Devil's Mirror poster


August 26, 2023


Chung Sun isn't quite as well-known as his Shaw Bros contemporaries (Cheh Chang and Yuen Chor), but based on what I've seen so far (which is just 6 films), he's better than both of them. Somewhat conveniently, his films are also a perfect mix of Chang's martial arts extravaganzas and Chor's fantasy elements.

Two famed martial arts clans combine forces in the hope of ruling the martial arts world together. For that, they need access to two magic mirrors. The mirrors are in the hands of two other clans, who will do everything in their might to keep the trinkets out of the hands of the villains.

The martial arts scenes are quite dynamic, the fantasy elements are a little subdued, but they add a bit of extra flair to the story. The film isn't too long, it's nice to see most scenes were shot on actual location and the pacing is solid. A fun Shaw Bros fantasy brawler and another Chung Sun film worth watching.