2020 / 84m - USA
Devil's Road: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren poster


September 14, 2020


Cheap and shlocky documentary on the lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The infamous duo got back into the spotlight when James Wan rediscovered them and built a veritable horror franchise around their work. This documentary makes good use of that renewed popularity and sets up a simple TV doc around these two ghost hunters.

There is no room for critical thought here, which makes it a tough watch if you don't believe in ghosts. Everything is taken at face value and the Warren's are presented as pioneers. That's what you get when you only interview family and some of their students I guess, but it doesn't make for an interesting doc.

The presentation is also incredibly cheesy, with near-constant loud music and flashy cuts trying to reveal badly edited photos and lame ghost animations. This film was released under the "shock doc" label, which is exactly what you're getting here. A high willingness to shock, with little attention to facts and objectivity.