Yao Mo Dao
1991 / 96m - Hong Kong
Fantasy, Comedy, Action
Devil's Vendetta poster


December 15, 2020


During the late 80s/early 90s, there was a big surge of fantasy/comedy/action mixers in Hong Kong. The better ones (like Chinese Ghost Story) became landmark releases of the era, inevitably some lesser known films fell through the cracks. Devil's Vendetta is one of them, and it deserves a second chance.

Twiggy the Demoness (for real) has agreed to refrain from wreaking havoc on Earth, but only when her daughter loses her virginity before a certain deadline. Her daughter grows up in an all-female Taoist school, her lover is part of a rival all-male school, which makes it quite difficult for the two to hook up.

The plot is nonsensical, the comedy is juvenile and the effects are pretty basic. But the pacing is insane, the entertainment value is through the roof and the fantasy elements look very cool. It's certainly a film for a niche market, but if you like this type of film then Devil's Vendetta comes well recommended. Solid entertainment.