1971 / 120m - UK
Action, Adventure
Diamonds Are Forever poster


October 27, 2020


I expected a little more from this one. It was good to see Connery return to the Bond franchise and Hamilton had directed my favorite entry so far, so the signs were good. But the first 70s Bond felt a bit lifeless and uninspired, as if they were simply rehashing past successes without too much conviction.

With Bond's archenemy gone, he is assigned a simpler job. Bond has to take care of a shipment of diamonds, which he needs to keep out of the hands of notorious smugglers. With a little help from his crew (and his token female companions), Bond travels around the world to keep the diamonds safe.

Maybe it's me who's getting a little tired of the formula, maybe the actors and directors felt like they'd all done it before. Amsterdam and Las Vegas aren't the most inspiring locations either. There's a little fun to be had here, but overall I think a film like Goldfinger was a lot kookier and crazier. Let's hope Moore can reinvigorate the series.