Journal d'un Curé de Campagne
1951 / 115m - France
Diary of a Country Priest poster


November 06, 2021


Previous experiences with Bresson and a title promising two hours of inner monologues of a countryside priest didn't really wet my appetite, the film was pretty much what I expected from it. I'm not a big fan of Bresson's take on minimalism, the themes and characters also didn't speak to me. At all.

A young priest is given a small parish in the north of France. When he arrives there, people don't seem too interested in his work and attempts to reach out to the community are mostly in vain. The priest becomes disillusioned and slowly starts to doubt his faith in God and humankind.

The soundtrack is light, the cinematography rather basic. The film is mostly just the priest talking to people from the village, and writing down his doubts in his diary. Struggles with faith rarely interest me though and the endless musings of a rather uninteresting characters aren't my favorite way of spending two hours. Bresson and I don't really go well together it seems.