Cim Hang
2023 / 115m - Hong Kong
Crime, Action
I Did It My Way poster


June 10, 2024


Hong Kong cinema has bigger problems than mere Chinese censorship unless it runs even deeper than I ever imagined. Hidden in here is a perfectly fine crime/action flick, but you'll have to look past some cringy and overwrought drama to get to it. Kwan seems to believe it adds gravitas to his film, but the opposite is true.

The dark web is adding a new level of complexity to the drug trade. A seemingly harmless-looking lawyer is taking advantage and is making good money getting drugs into Hong Kong. The police are on his tail and he starts to crack under the pressure. It's the start of a downward spiral.

Andy Lau doesn't usually take on the role of the bad guy, but he's fit for the job. The rest of the high-profile cast does a solid job too, the action is on point and the film looks slick. But some scenes are just bafflingly terrible (the baby scene jumps out in that regard). If they'd cut out the drama and trim about 30 minutes of nonsense, these could be exceptional genre films, but alas.