1994 / 128m - USA
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August 13, 2023


A 90s Douglas/Moore thriller directed by chameleon Barry Levinson. This means a rather basic plot, some twists and turns, bland styling, and a runtime that far exceeds its welcome. The film is set in the tech industry, so clearly it didn't age too well, but at the same time, it gave the film a bit of goofy charm.

When Tom hears his promotion is given to an old flame of his, he starts to lose grip. Things get exponentially worse when she sues him for sexual harassment. Tom won't back down that easily though, especially when he begins to understand this entire situation is a setup to get him fired.

Douglas is a perfect villain, but for some reason, he was often given the role of the hero. It's hard to root for him here, which sucks as the entire film revolves around him proving his innocence. The VR stuff was pretty hilarious and the film isn't exactly boring, but it's a pretty mediocre thriller that fails to stand out.