Also known as
Disneyland, Mon Vieux Pays Natal
France [2002] - 46m
Directed by
Arnaud des Pallières
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Disneyland, My Old Homeland poster


October 03, 2021


My best guess is that Arnaud des Pallières doesn't like Disneyland. Not sure what else to make of this documentary. The man sets up an analogy between Disneyland and Pied Piper of Hamelin, then plans a visit to the amusement park to shoot some footage, making that appear as depressing as possible.

The doc clearly lacks an openness to experience this world many people love to visit, instead Pallières seems more interested in supporting his own ideas and talking about them endlessly. It really feels like this documentary was already "finished" before a single frame of footage was recorded.

It certainly doesn't help that Pallières' attempts to add dread are horrendous. The music is cheap, the sound effects are hilarious, the short bits of animation are grating. It certainly wants to be very deep and serious and people sharing Pallières' sentiments might get a kick out of it, personally I didn't see anything more than 45 minutes of misdirected whining.