1966 / 91m - Italy
Django poster


January 24, 2021


Slightly more amusing than its US counterparts. After seeing at least two contemporary films based on Django's character, it was time to get acquainted with the original. I'm not a big fan of westerns and probably never will be, but the original is at least a bit juicier compared to other films in the genre.

Django arrives in a little town close to the Mexican border. The town is overrun by members of the Klan and a group of Mexican bandits, turning the town into one big lawless battlefield. Django tries to keep out of their affairs, but inevitably gets drawn into their rivalries, with deadly consequences.

The characters are a bit livelier and there's a stronger focus on action, which makes it a little easier to sit through. I still don't care much for the setting and there's still too much posing and boring conversation to make it truly entertaining, but compared to its peers Django is a breath of fresh air.