2022 / 126m - USA
Adventure, Fantasy
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness poster


July 17, 2022


I saw a lot of talk about Raimi putting a horror stamp on this film, I can't say I noticed when I was watching. Maybe there were hints in some of the creature designs, but the CG was so gaudy that I didn't really care for any of it. Other than that, this was just another typical Marvel production, warts and all.

Doctor Strange rescues a multiverse jumper, which kick-starts another adventure. The girl can't control her powers and whenever she gets really frightened, she moves between universes. Things get confusing when Strange finds out that you can't really trust your friends from a different universe.

The first half of the film isn't that bad, though it's a shame so little is done with the crazy powers of Strange. One of the multiverse jumps sports an endless array of interesting-looking worlds, yet in the end they always end up in a world that looks a bit too much like our own. The second half of the film is a complete disaster. A waste of potential.