El perro Que No Calla
2021 / 73m - Argentina
The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet poster


March 27, 2023


A pretty typical arthouse affair. It's shot in black and white (because of conventions), and it has a meandering plot and some minor genre elements thrown in for good measure. It's a short film and I didn't really mind it, at the same time, I don't think it had anything remotely interesting to say.

Sebastián tries to make ends meet as a graphic designer. The problem is that his dog misses him a lot when he's from home, and his neighbors complain about the constant howling. Sebastián takes his dog to work, but there he's given an ultimatum. Either the dog goes, or Sebastián goes. He picks the latter.

What you get are small vignettes, parts of Sebastián's life as he takes on the odd job, or just chills with his dog. There is an absurd streak here, which surfaces during a cataclysmic event, but it remains very understated. Not the worst of its kind and it's a difficult film to hate, it's just not all that memorable either.