Uchû Daikaijû Dogora
1964 / 83m - Japan
Sci-fi, Crime
Dogora poster


February 13, 2023


One of Honda's lesser-known kaiju films. It's not that different from his other work, apart from some minor details. Too much time is spent on human squabbles, and not enough attention goes to the kaiju. The effects are cheesy but fun, but seeing how they only feature in a small part of the film, the cheese doesn't quite work.

A huge alien is threatening Earth, and this time the creature is coming from outer space. A big, squid-like animal is sucking up Earth's carbon, hoping to turn it into diamonds. His technique creates devastating tornados that ravage cities and countryside alike. Mankind will have to be crafty if they want to stop this extraterrestrial threat.

The alien concept is pretty cool, but the effects are way too obvious and the monster scenes are way too scarce for a film of this caliber. The performance and the human drama are horrible. I do understand the budgetary and technical limitations, but the balance is just off. Not the best Honda, but the kaiju bits are still fun.