USA [2018] - 95m
Thriller, Sci-fi
Directed by
Mike P. Nelson
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May 23, 2021


A very basic but perfectly decent and amusing post-apocalyptic thriller. The Domestics is not a film that's going to acquire too many passionate fans, but people looking to find some proper post-apocalyptic filler could do a lot worse. Just don't expect anything original and you're pretty much set with this one.

Humanity has reset itself. A poisonous gas has killed most people, the few survivors that are left have to make the best of it. Mark and Nina are a married couple who are on the road to visit Nina's parents. It's a dangerous trip, as the wastelands are rules by gangs who are keen to murder anyone who comes along.

The performances are mediocre and Nelson doesn't put too much effort into bringing his post-apocalyptic future to life. He borrows heavily from landmark films that came before. But there are some pretty fun action scenes and the usual deceit and betrayal. Simple but decent genre work, nothing more, nothing less.