Daan Gyun Naam Yu 2
2014 / 113m - Hong Kong
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 poster


February 20, 2015


A somewhat disappointing sequel. I liked the first film, warts and all, but here I missed To's typical signature to elevate it above random HK rom-com fodder. There are too many elements that were mere repetitions of the first film, the characters are a tad too superficial and unlikeable, and I simply didn't care for the core romance.

Sean and Yen's relationship didn't last, Sean was too much of a womanizer to remain faithful to her. They each go their own way, but years later they run into each other once again. Yen is about to get married, while Sean is in a somewhat stable relationship. It is obvious the two are still attracted to each other, and that there is unresolved business between them.

Romantic woes between the rich and unfaithful only work when the characters are somewhat nice to hang around with, which isn't really the case here. The film looks slick and To makes good use of their rich lifestyles, but cinematically there isn't all that much happening. A pointless sequel, and one of To's lesser films in recent memory.