USA [2021] - 98m
Directed by
Rodo Sayagues
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September 14, 2021


A sequel that takes some bold choices along the way, but seems afraid to carry them all the way through, ultimately taking the easy way out. It's nice that they tried something slightly different, instead of making a simple carbon copy of the first film, but in the end the quality isn't entirely there.

Eight years after the first film, the blind man lives together with a young girl. While he doesn't have her locked up, he keeps her on a short leash. On a rare trip into town, a shady man shadows the girl, following her home afterwards. Once night falls, the man and his cronies plan to kidnap the girl.

The plot's a little farfetched and the action isn't all that convincing, but the film's biggest problem is that it just isn't as tense as the first one. Performances are solid, the cinematography on point, the score is decent, and the plot twists interesting, but in the end it doesn't really amount to much. A decent but forgettable sequel.