Also known as
Hito no Sekkusu o Warauna
Japan [2007] - 137m
Directed by
Nami Iguchi
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Don't Laugh at My Romance poster


July 01, 2020


A small and pleasant Japanese drama, with likeable characters and some lighter notes to make the romantic squabbles easier to bear. The biggest problem with Don't Laugh at My Romance is that there are already so many similar films and that Nami Iguchi rarely attempts to rise above the rest.

A classic love triangle forms the core of the plot. A young art student is attracted to his free-spirited teacher, whereas his dependable but somewhat boring classmate doesn't seem to have a chance of capturing his romantic interest. No doubt you've seen this played out countless times before.

Fine cinematography, deliberate pacing, great performances and some poignant moments. There's really nothing to complain about, except maybe for the excessive runtime and the lack of truly memorable moments. It's a solid recommend for fans of Japanese drama, but unless you're relatively new to the genre there's little to get truly excited about.