Also known as
Spain [2020] - 97m
Directed by
Ángel Gómez Hernández
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December 01, 2020


A pretty typical Spanish horror flick. The first hour is dedicated to the paranormal behavior, the final 30 minutes is spent unraveling the mystery. Don't expect to see anything out of the ordinary, apart from a slight twist at the end this is 100% by the book. When the execution is on point though, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Daniel and Sara just moved into a new house, together with their young son Eric. Eric starts hearing voices and his parents seek out professional help. Eric's doctor isn't too worried and thinks its stress-related, but Eric is getting progressively worse and when he starts having night terrors, his parents get desperate.

Performances are good, the setting is nice, the film is relatively creepy and the pacing is solid. The horror is really basic though, one big pile of clichés that feels just a little lazy. The finale in particular could've used a little extra spice, but people looking for a solid horror flick won't be disappointed.