Natsu E no Tobira: Kimi no Iru Mirai E
2021 / 118m - Japan
Romance, Sci-fi
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April 03, 2022


A rather bland romance with strong sci-fi/time travel influences. What could've been a promising mix of genre elements turned out to be a predictable and drawn-out drama that only occasionally serves inspired moments. I'm happy to see Netflix export more Japanese cinema, but they can do better than this.

Soichiro is a boy genius who has little luck in his personal life. People around him keep dying and his guardian cheats him out of the patents to his biggest invention yet. He decides to go into cryosleep and try his luck 30 years later, but when he wakes up in the future things didn't really pan out the way he expected.

The twists are very predictable, Miki spends way too much time on simple and ineffective drama and the performances aren't that great either. There's a base quality here that keeps the film watchable, it's certainly not a complete disaster, but I expect more from a film like this.