Japan [2020] - 96m
Animation, Sci-fi, Comedy
Directed by
Ryuichi Yagi, Takashi Yamazaki
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Stand by Me Doraemon 2 poster


January 27, 2022


More CG Doraemon madness. The first film was decent but a bit basic, this second part offers a slightly more complex story, which makes for a slightly more gratifying film. Doraemon is still very consciously aimed at kids, but there's a certain charm that makes it rather enjoyable for the rest of us too.

When Nobita is scolded for his bad school results, he remembers his grandma, someone who always supported and comforted him. He travels back to the past with Doraemon to visit his already departed grandma, which set a bunch of future-altering events in motion that seriously mess up Nobita life.

The art style is quite peculiar, a mix of minimalist and detailed CG animation that fits the franchise surprisingly well. The plot is pretty fun, the atmosphere breezy and pleasant and the pacing plenty fast, so there's no chance of things becomes dull. A step up from the first film and quite entertainment, but a masterpiece this is not.

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